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Dosimeter (α, β, γ) LDSM-B10 is a portable surface contamination monitor with waterproof portable case having 40 °C to 50°C temperature range and 2 kind of measurement ranges like Counting rate up to 0 to 500000 CPM, 0 to 8000 CPS where as Radiation dose rate up to 0.01 to 10000 u Sv/h, 4 alarm models programing system. Features pancake GM tube detector with detection efficiency of Sr-90 and Am-241. Instrument will see alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. It is applicable for Nuclear power station, environmental protection bureau etc.

Dosimeter (alpha, beta, gamma) useful in nuclear power station and other radioactive area, Environmental protection bureau, public health bureau, inspection and quarantine bureau, radiology department of hospital, radio action laboratory and Radiation in industrial radiation accelerator and gamma radiation in industrial

Dosimeter (α, β, γ) LDSM-B10

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