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Ducted Fumehood LFH-B10 (with interior and exterior sizes of820 × 670 × 730 mm and 1040 × 800 × 2200 mm ) is a microprocessor controlled ducted fumehood with built in centrifugal blower which removes toxic gases to the outside of the working environment. The fumehood material is highly authentic and is resistant to acid and base having weak strength. It has maximum opening of 520 mm, 850 mm working area height and 9 levels air speed exhaust blower. Equipped with LED (8 W × 1) and UV (with  an emission of 253.7 nm) lamps for illumination and decontamination of working environment.  Active carbon filter for air fume filtration. It is ideally used for effective working environment in microbiology, biology, biotechnology field centers.

Ducted Fumehood LFH-B10:

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