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Gas Chromatography LGC-B12 is a compact and tabletop, Flame Ionization Detector (FID) comprised gas chromatography, comes with RT to 450°C of temperature range and 40°C / min of maximum heating rate. With optional detectors such as TCD, ECD, FPD, and NPD, features 3 detectors installation at a time, offers packed column and capillary column installation at the same ime. Designed with large oven capacity to hold 2 capillary column of 0.32 mm diameter, thermal insulation and chromatography workstation software, supports self-test, power protection, keyboard lock, automatic ignition and anti-power mutation interference funcion. Equipped with 5.7-inch LCD display, double column compensation function and internet connection, this gas chromatography offers 16-phase temperature program with effective restraining of baseline drift and the influence of background noise.

Gas Chromatography LGC-B12

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