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Ion Chromatograph LPIC-A10 is a light weight, portable design model with powerful data processing system. The quick ion chromatograph columns are used for rapid 5 min detection. It has an adjustable measuring range of 0 to 45000 µ S/cm, detection resolution of ≤ 0.0020 nS/cm and a cell volume of ≤ 0.8 µLAdopted with built-in multi-channel solvent selection valve helps in gradient elusion, it shortens peak time, and improves efficiency of the chromatograph conducted. Upgraded with dual detection system (dual column for various applications), supports the needs of different industries. Used for on field selective analysis of organic and inorganic ions, also used in quality and research laboratories across pharmaceutical, water quality, chemical industries.

Ion Chromatograph LPIC-A10

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