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Ion chromatograph system LICS-A21 is a modular design ion chromatograph with high column efficiency and large column capacity and stable performance. With large conductivity detection range of 0 to 45000 µS/ cm and detection resolution of ≤ 0.0020 nS/ cm, it delivers more accurate results. It is has a  cell voloume of ≤ 0.8 µL and a baseline drift of ≤ 3 % FS/ 30 minBipolar conductivity detector, improves the detection performance and stability of the instrument. Built-in circulating stereo constant temperature, and other technologies ensures accurate and reliable experimental data.  It is used to detect small molecules (in the form of anion, cation) in food, chemical, mining, metallurgy, environment and other fields.

Ion chromatograph system LICS-A21

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