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Portable 10 in 1 Multi Gas Detector LMGD-A10is simultaneous detector of 10 gases namely O2, CH4, CO2, VOC, CO, H2S, SO2, CL2, NO2, NH3. It display multiple display modes selectable, multi-channel data mode, multi-curve mode, multi-channel data + multi- curve mode and single channel + single curve mode. Designed with 3.5-inch highdefinition color screen, high resolution, wide viewing angle. The air supply system of up to three pumps can switch the pump arbitrarily, blocking the loss of the cross-gas to the relevant sensor and prolonging the service life of the sensor. It support gas concentration data display, gas concentration real-time curve display mode arbitrary switching

Portable 10 in 1 Multi Gas Detector LMGD-A10

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